The trainer makes the athlete, the athlete makes the trainer.− M. Van den Eynde

Nobody trains flat out to finally arrive on the day of truth at the starting line over-trained, let alone to throw the towel in half-way through because of an injury. Athletes are athletes precisely because they want to push their boundaries. The trick is however to push them without pushing too far. That is an exercise riddled in uncertainty and questions. Moreover, sacrifices on a social, professional and/or personal level are inherent to the training process so it is best to leave the least possible to chance: no victor believes in chance.

No victor believes in chance.− F. Nietzsche

What you need is a sounding board with knowledge and experience, as an athlete and as a trainer, someone who can guide you (plans) and give you feedback (monitoring). Back To B.A.S.I.C.S. listens to your goals and sets out a plan based on these. My training guarantees you your top form at peak times but also gives you the knowledge and experience to be able to set your own plans further down the line.

Come to Back To B.A.S.I.C.S. for:
  • tried and tested distance coaching (endurance athletes)
  • on-court coaching (on the athletics track, on the tennis courts, in the gym etc.) for physical training of competition athletes: power, stability, stamina, tennis-specific endurance, speed, change of direction speed (agility), explosiveness.

If you are ready for the commitment, you can also count on mine: training plans sent on-time, consistent feedback, regular and punctual training!

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